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Harlon City Server (HCS) opened its doors to the public on the 14th of December 2019. On the 17th of July 2021, we launched a brand new world, with significantly higher build quality and a new public transport network with realistic 3D trains and buses.

Whether this is your first or fiftieth time joining a Minecraft server, we hope you'll enjoy the friendly and vibrant environment we have to offer.

Image of Harlon's Great Market Hall with buildings in the foreground.

Server highlights

Harlon City Server Trailer

Realistic vehicles

Rideable, fully functional 3D trains, buses, cars and bikes provide an easy way to get around the server.

Some of our 3D trains in action


Have a go at a game of parkour, hockey, TNT run and more!

A showcase of our realistic hockey mini-game

Stunning builds

High-quality, detailed and realistic builds create a breathtaking world which you can explore.


Head on journeys around the server with NPC-guided quests.

New Player Guide

Quick Start

Joining Harlon

If you haven't already, join our server at play.harlonserver.net with Minecraft version 1.20.4.

Resource Packs

To ensure you have the best experience on our server, you'll need to enable resource packs for Harlon, and you'll also need Java and Optifine installed - this allows you to see and interact with our 3D trains and buses.


All new players start off with the Guest rank upon joining the server. You can complete a Resident application, which is immediately to your left when joining the server for the first time, or whenever you return to spawn.

Residents can:

The application involves a multiple-choice test where you answer questions based on the server rules, which can be viewed here.

If you pass the test, you will be automatically promoted to Resident.

Discord Server

Most players are on our Discord server where we post updates and announcements about the server as well as give sneak peeks at what we're working on. The Discord server's also a great place to contact staff through our ticketing system. It's where Parliament sessions are held, and where there are plenty of places to chat with other players about all things Harlon. And yes, we do have dedicated channels for your memes, non-Harlon-related gaming content, off-topic and IRL stuff, and political talk. Just make sure anything you post doesn't break server rules.

You can join our Discord server here if you haven't already

Once you've joined our server, link your Discord account with your Minecraft account on our server by typing /discord link into the chat in-game and following the instructions. This will allow your Discord rank to be synchronised with your in-game rank.

The Basics

Now you've set everything up, let's cover some of the basics of the server.


You can find your way around the server with our dynmap (short for dynamic map) at dynmap.harlonserver.net - this not only provides a map-style overview of the server but also tracks players' locations whilst they're in-game.

GPS System

Our GPS system gives you turn by turn, step by step navigation instructions to points of interest. To start using the system, simply type the command /gps start, then the name/code of the destination you wish to go to. For example, you can input someone's shop code (usually this should be provided in advertising) to head to their shop, or you can type in hl- followed by your desired destination, i.e., hl-shoretrench, so the complete command you would enter into chat would be /gps start hl-shoretrench. Note that as new areas of the server open up, it may take some time for them to be added to and covered by the system, however, the large majority of the City of Harlon is currently covered.


If you ever get lost or stuck, spawn is always a good spot to return to: apart from being host to the Resident application, it also has good public transport connections, as well as a FAQs section for common queries players might have.

Spawn is also where you can find quests - just cross the road to reach the quest NPCs, who will give you more information once you right-click on an NPC - each NPC will have a different quest to undertake, with the quest name floating above their head.

Public Housing Unit

As a Resident, you are entitled to one free public housing unit - these are available at Shoretrench, though the nearest station is Fra Mauro Station, served by Metro M3 services. Simply choose an empty unit (signs next to the doors will say if it's occupied or vacant) and right-click on the sign next to it to claim it. Each unit has a chest next to its entrance - you can ask businesses or staff to drop off items in this chest so you can access it the next time you're online.

Freebuild Areas

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, try your hand at some building in our two freebuild areas - Stenford Bay and the Lumea Isles. Stenford Bay can be accessed by Commuter C1 trains from Spawn, whilst the Lumea Isles can be accessed by Ferry from Upminster Harbour (a short walk from Upminster station, served by Commuter C11 trains). You will be notified when entering and leaving a freebuild area through notifications in chat as well as physical signage.

Getting Around

Public Transport

Harlonians love public transport - so much so that most of the places in the server are served by some sort of public transport service. Public transport is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the server unless you own a car. You can get around on:

  • Trains - Commuter and Metro
  • Buses
  • Ferries

If you need to find the fastest way from A to B using public transport, you can use the HarlonTransit Trip Planner, which will plan out a route for you.

Public Transport near Spawn

The server spawn has public transport access by means of the Harlonian Plaza Metro station, which is served by Metro lines M1, M11, M2 and M3. If you want to head on a guided tour of the server, hop on a free City Tour bus! The City Tour bus stop is right in front of spawn - simply hop on board the bus by right-clicking on the staircase inside, and it will depart shortly afterwards. For more bus and train services, Capital Station, Harlon's main train station, is located a short walk away from spawn, or, if you're feeling lazy, one stop down the line from Harlonian Plaza on the M3. Capital Station is served by Commuter services as well as Metro Line M3.

Go2 Cards

All public transport services (except for player-run railways in Stenford Bay) use the Go2 Card - a contactless, smartcard system (you might have a similar system wherever you live). You'll need a valid fare to be able to use public transport, and Go2 gives you multiple options:

  • Single journey fare - a ticket that only lasts for one journey that costs under £10.
  • Go2 card - a reloadable, contactless smartcard that can be used on all public transport. Recommended for most public transport commuters. Comes in 10, 20-, 30-, 50-, and 100-pound pre-loaded balance variants.
  • Rail pass - a pass which is loaded onto a Go2 card that allows unlimited travel on rail services for a specified timeframe. Comes in 7- and 30-day variants.

Purchasing a Fare

You can purchase a fare at a ticket machine - these are located at all train stations. Simply right-click on the sign and follow the menu options to buy either a single journey ticket or Go2 card. To buy a rail pass, first ensure you have a Go2 card, then insert the card into the ticket machine through the menu options, then select the option to buy a new rail pass and select the timeframe you want.

Using your Fare to Enter Stations and Board Services

To enter a train station, hold your ticket, card, or pass and right-click with it on the turnstile. The gate will open, and you'll see a message that tells you that you have successfully tapped on. Ferry and bus services (and sometimes small train stations) rely on validators - use these the same way as you would a turnstile. Remember to tap on and off when entering or leaving a station, or when boarding or disembarking from a service!

Boarding a Train or Bus

To board a train, right-click on the grey rectangle on the floor in the middle of the carriage. To board a bus, simply right-click on the door. To disembark from a bus or train, press shift, like if you were getting off a horse, minecart or boat.

Buying Vehicles

To buy vehicles such as cars, type /carshop into the chat. You can also buy bikes by typing /bikeshop into the chat.

Earning Money

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to earn money. Like in real-life economies, money gets you food, products, and services in Harlon, with our national currency being the Harlonian Pound (£). Each player starts off with £2000 - this is enough for you to buy some food and travel on public transport for a while.

Play on the Server

The easiest way to earn more money is by simply playing on the server - you get paid £10 for every 15 minutes you are online and active on the server.

Vote on Server Voting Websites

Another easy way is to vote for Harlon on Minecraft server listing websites - you get paid £40 for each vote you cast, as well as that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help out a Minecraft server.

Government Jobs

The Harlonian Government requires public servants in a variety of departments - they will usually announce job openings in the #government channel on Discord, with instructions on how to apply for openings. The Government usually determines pay rates.

Job Openings

Alternatively, you can see if there are any Harlonian businesses looking for staff. There is a wide range of businesses in Harlon, ranging from media companies to supermarkets to railways. Businesses will usually post job opportunities in the #economy channel on Discord - you may have to join a business' Discord server or follow other steps to apply for an opening.

Starting your Own Business

If you're feeling up to the task, you could start your own business. Of course, you'll need to obtain items to sell as well as find a place to sell your wares. Here's where you can gather some common items to sell:

Alternatively, you can also grow your own crops, with the ROD scheme at Wixley Beach (a short walk from Oxville Station, which is served by C1 Commuter trains). Simply buy a plot of land and plant seeds for crops you want to grow.

You can also buy a factory at Portsfield (accessible by bus route 26 from Capital Station) - factories can be upgraded - a factory at the lowest tier, level one, costs £1000. Once you have sufficient funds to upgrade your factory, open a ticket on Discord, ask staff to complete the upgrade and provide the coordinates of your factory. Factories can be used to produce whatever you like - whether it's growing crops indoors, or breeding livestock, the sky's the limit!

Once you have some items to sell, you'll need to find a place to set up shop. You can either rent or buy a shop outright - have a look around the server and find an empty shop. There will usually be a sign next to it stating whether it has been occupied or if it's vacant. If it's vacant, the price to rent/buy will be listed and if it's a rental property, the rent period will be listed. Simply right-click the sign to buy or rent the shop. If a shop is empty but has no sign next to it, please open a ticket on Discord, provide the coordinates of the shop and ask staff for the price.

After you have a shop, it's now time to start stocking your products for sale! Products for sale are stored in chest shops - to set these up, simply follow these steps:

Place a chest

Left-click a chest with the item you wish to sell.

Write in the cost per item.

Add items to the chest and you are good to go!

If you wish to edit your chest (price etc.), simply right-click the sign.

Help Us

Harlon will always remain a free-to-play server - here are some ways you can help Harlon continue to operate and grow.


Vote for us on server voting pages to help even more players discover what Harlon has to offer. Even better, as a way of saying thanks, we'll give you £40 in-game each time you vote!

Server Store

Running a Minecraft server comes with ongoing costs, so we appreciate any and all contributions that help us recouperate these costs. Our server store allows you to purchase a Patron rank and particle effects, and all proceeds will go towards running the server.

Join the Team

Like what Harlon has to offer? Why not join our building or staff teams and help build something amazing? Our Builder and Helper application forms will tell you more about joining either the building or staff teams.

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