Harlon City Server

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Minecraft Java Edition

Versions 1.16.1-1.16.3

A new city server, with a

quickly growing realistic


Harlon City Server opened its doors to the public on the 14th of December 2019, and has ever since been rapidly expanding with new areas of the city, such as Southbank Hamlet and Elstree, as well as a quickly growing economy thanks to all the involvement from server players, by for example creating shops.

Server Dynmap

The best way to navigate the city with; find a player-owned shop, the nearest station, and many more things!

What makes Harlon unique?

Harlon City Server stands out from others in multiple ways. We offer an economy city truly giving the real-life experience, by giving the possibility to start proper companies with factories and shops, a stock market that follows the real life one, however using the Harlonian Pound, the ability to get into the more sketchy ways of earning money and much more!

The server features many quests, such as The Treasure Hunt and Food Adventures, as well as some more hidden ones which you will need to explore the city a bit more in order to find..

There is also a large Arcade, at which you can choose to play Paintball, Spleef or try one of several parkours. The city is also known for there being many fun easter eggs and other things hidden around the city, waiting for them to be discovered by you.

Harlon City Server

Harlon City Server

Join today! IP: play.harlonserver.net // Minecraft versions 1.16.1-1.16.3

Harlon City Server is a fictional city on the game "Minecraft", everything on this website is thus fictional. It is not to be confused with any real-life organizations, companies or cities. Any similarities to real-life are co-incidental.