IP: play.harlonserver.net - Minecraft 1.20.4 with Optifine
Harlon City Server

Welcome to Harlon.

Welcome to Harlon. A City-RP Minecraft server with a flourishing community and amazing player experiences.

Join now at play.harlonserver.net - Minecraft version 1.20.4 with Optifine

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Image of the Harlon City skyline.
Image of a street in the City of Harlon.
New to Harlon? Learn more about Harlon here and what it can offer you.
Picture of Johnson Park, one of the server's hockey rinks.
Find points of interest, public transport, landmarks and more on the server and track your location in real time.
An image of a wind turbine in the Harlonian countryside.
View information about our staff, history and more.

Quick Links

If you have been banned from Harlon but believe you should be allowed back onto the server, fill out an appeal application here.
Want to join our building team to help Harlon grow? Find more details and apply here!
Interested in joining the staff team and making a lasting contribution to Harlon? See what joining the staff team is like and apply here.
Harlon's wiki provides additional, extensive information on the server, and the best part is that you can contribute too!
Vote for us on server voting pages to help even more players discover what Harlon has to offer. Even better, as a way of saying thanks, we'll give you £40 in-game each time you vote!

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