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Examples of places to visit and explore:


Tram/Train driver

Become a Tram or train driver for HarlonTransit or a train driver for Emmaru Railways, and see the city from a brand new perspective! As a driver, you help to ensure that Harlon stays on the move, and that people can get to where they want to be quickly. In order to get this job, ask in-game or on Discord for a Driver Instructor.



Harlon has a fictional stock market, where you can trade with the in-game currency. The stock market is a great way to earn money in the long term, and gives a fun and different experience. To get started, simply write /stocks on the server.


Shop Owner

A great way and maybe the most fun way to earn cash is to start your very own business on the server. To get started, simply watch the tutorial below;

Harlon City Server

Harlon City Server

Join today! IP: // Minecraft versions 1.16.1-1.16.3

Harlon City Server is a fictional city on the game "Minecraft", everything on this website is thus fictional. It is not to be confused with any real-life organizations, companies or cities. Any similarities to real-life are co-incidental.