Keeping Harlon on the move

HarlonTransit map:

*Not all services shown on the map are currently operating. For up-to-date transport information, please check the #transport-info channel avalible on the Discord server.

HarlonTransit is the government agency responsible for most of the public transport network in Harlon. It operates the Underground, Overground, TramLink and buses. The network is still under construction, and expands along with the city itself. To find the nearest station to your location, use the Dynmap.

For up-to-date line information, please check the #transport-info channel on Discord.


The Go-2Card is the smartcard fare system in use on all HarlonTransit services. You are charged through the fares you travel through. See the list on the right for the exact fares.

Harlon City Server

Harlon City Server

Join today! IP: play.harlonserver.net // Minecraft versions 1.16.1-1.16.3

Harlon City Server is a fictional city on the game "Minecraft", everything on this website is thus fictional. It is not to be confused with any real-life organizations, companies or cities. Any similarities to real-life are co-incidental.