Harlon transit

HarlonTransit is the government agency responsible for most of the public transport network in Harlon. It operates the Metro and Commuter rail networks as well as city-wide buses. The network is still under construction, and expands along with the city itself. To find the nearest station to your location, use the Dynmap.

Network Map

How do I see 3D trains and buses?

In New Harlon, we've introduced state-of-the-art trains and buses. To be able to view and ride these in-game, you will need to have Java and Optifine installed. Note that for Optifine you must install a version that corresponds to your version of Minecraft.

Download Java Download Optifine

To ensure you don't run into any issues, make sure you keep both Java and Optifine up-to-date.

YouTube tutorial

Here's a player-made tutorial that takes you through how to install Optifine, and how to launch Minecraft with Optifine. Note that this tutorial uses Windows 10.