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Places to Visit on the Server

Harlonian Plaza

Located right outside spawn and next to Harlon's Parliament, Harlonian Plaza is a large open-air plaza with an open-air ampitheatre and stage for special events. It is also home to the eponymous Harlonian Plaza Metro station, which is a major rail interchange.

National Mall

Inspired by the National Mall in Washington D.C., Harlon's National Mall is an equally impressive landmark, with a park in its surrounds containing stunning sculptures. At the head of the Mall is the Prime Minister's house. The Mall is located next to National Mall Metro and Commuter train stations.


The industrial powerhouse of Harlon, Portsfield is where all the factories re located, producing goods to be sold in the shops all over the city. Anyone can buy a factory here and start producing goods! Bus route 81 from Harlonian Plaza via Times Square serves Portsfield Industrial District.


Head down to the docks and have a look at the bustling activity at Seaporte! From massive passenger ferries to container ships filled to the brim with goods coming in and out of Harlon, it's a hive of activity!

Hibbing Mines

Located in the far north of the server, Hibbing Mines is reachable via a bus connection from Capital Station. The mines let players obtain both common and valuable ores and is reset preiodically to replenish the supply of ores.

Old Town

With its dazzling waterfront views and quaint, old-fashioned architecture, Old Town is a great spot to visit. Have a stroll around and admire the beauty of this part of the city. Accessible by Metro Line M1, it's one stop down the line from Lighthouse Point.

Sergels Square

Sergels Square is the second biggest square in the city and is well known for its large Arcade and Parkour.

Stenford Bay

Stenford Bay is a unique suburb in that Residents of Harlon can build anything they like! So far, players have built houses, skyscrapers and even sprawling rail networks!

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Tram/Train Driver

Become a train driver for HarlonTransit, and see the city from a brand new perspective! As a driver, you help to ensure that Harlon stays on the move, and that people can get to where they want to be quickly. In order to get this job, ask in-game or on Discord for a Driver Instructor.

Metro Dispatcher

Keep the Metro running on time by doing Dispatch duty! As a dispatcher, you keep an eye out for passengers and when the Metro is ready to leave you press a button to let the train depart. Dispatchers don't need training and you can get started now! Just go to any station on Metro Line M3, look for the dispatcher panel and start dispatching! You'll be paid automatically at the end of your shift. 


Harlon has a fictional stock market, where you can trade with the in-game currency. The stock market is a great way to earn money in the long term, and gives a fun and different experience. To get started, simply write /stocks on the server.

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Shop Owner

A great and maybe the most fun way to earn cash is to start your very own business on the server. To get started, simply follow these steps:
1) Place a chest
2) Left click a chest with the item you wish to sell.
3) Write in the cost per item.
4) Add items in the chest and you are good to go!
If you wish to edit your shop (price etc) simply right click the sign!