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Places to Visit on the Server

The Core

The Core is one of the fastest growing areas of the city, with many characteristic houses being built here weekly. It is thus a nice place to walk around giving those true compact urban feelings.

Parliament Square

Parliament Square is the place where the server spawn is located, as well as the Harlonian Parliament. It is also a major hub on the HarlonTransit underground network, with four lines meeting there.


Upminster is one of Harlon's easternmost suburbs, however with its own village charm. It is located right next to the sea and is thus a great place to fish. You are also able to buy plots in the area and build your very own house!

Habton and Eastgate

Habton is a suburb situated to the east of the city centre, along the Harlon River. It is also the place where one of the biggest railway interchange stations is located; Eastgate.


Located just south of the river from Parliament Square, Waterloo consists of several densely built city houses as well as many British-style suburban houses in the nearby suburb of Southbank Hamlet.


Penrith is a bustling port area, with many factories and docks, located just south of where the Harlon River flows into the sea. It is literally the place that keeps the Harlonian economy moving, with tons of companies having their factories in the area.

Sergels Square

Sergels Square is the second biggest square in the city and is well known for its large Arcade and Parkour.

Stenford Bay

Stenford Bay is a unique suburb in that Residents of Harlon can build anything they like! So far, players have built houses, skyscrapers and even sprawling rail networks!

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Tram/Train Driver

Become a Tram or train driver for HarlonTransit or a train driver for Emmaru Railways, and see the city from a brand new perspective! As a driver, you help to ensure that Harlon stays on the move, and that people can get to where they want to be quickly. In order to get this job, ask in-game or on Discord for a Driver Instructor.


Harlon has a fictional stock market, where you can trade with the in-game currency. The stock market is a great way to earn money in the long term, and gives a fun and different experience. To get started, simply write /stocks on the server.

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Shop Owner

A great way and maybe the most fun way to earn cash is to start your very own business on the server. To get started, simply watch the tutorial below!